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Are there any age restrictions?

Classes are for age 14 and older. Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Under 18 must have an adult fill out a waiver.  

How Much are classes?

Classes begin at $20 per person. We have punch card and membership options as well. See the full breakdown here!

Are we open??


Is there a weight limit?

Yes, 90lb minimum and 300 pound maximum.

How Long are Classes?

Classes take 1 hour. It takes around 15 min. to get you strapped into your bungees, making fly time around 45 minutes.

What should I wear?

-Tight Clothing(black hides sweat best!)

-No crops(ouch)

-Hair pulled to the side(buns, braids, side pony)

-Running shoes

-High impact sports bra

Is there Child watch?

Not right now. We are working on it, and hope to offer this in the near future. We are both moms and understand how hard it is to find good care. 

Can bungee replace my regular gym?

Yes! Bungee is excellent cardio and muscle building. It can also be used to supplement your regular workout routine.

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