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  • Rachel Lindemann

Bungee Fitness Update

I promised I would keep ya'll in the loop so here is where we are at. Landlord has approved us for our space! We will officially have a location by next week at 648 Grassfield Pkwy, Chesapeake. YAYAYAY!! Kandice and I had no idea how grueling the process of finding a place for this would be, and once we found a location, we were even more surprised by how many steps we have had to take to make this dream a reality. BUT WE ARE ALMOST THERE FOLKS!

Next steps will look like this:

-We will sign our lease

-We get the keys immediately and begin our buildout

-The buildout won't be long, in fact we may open before it is done due to their being a shortage of contractors(if you know any good, trustworthy ones, SEND THEM OUR WAY!) The biggest thing we are needing a contractor for is to build a room for CHILD WATCH! Wait, what?? Yes you heard right, we figured out a way to offer child watch at our location meaning one less burden for you mamas out there. THIS IS HUGE!

Our mission is truly about YOU! We want to be a place that you feel like your burdens are lifted, your health is better, you have friends, your children aren't driving you mad, you can have YOU time. Whatever it is you are going through, we are here to help.

PLEASE feel free to reach out with any questions. We CANNOT WAIT to meet all of you!


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Charity Newman Jobe
Charity Newman Jobe
Mar 30, 2022

what is the age limit of your child watch? what is the cost?

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