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  • Rachel Lindemann

Hey Ya'll!

Welcome to all of our subscribers! We are thrilled to be opening up the business of our dreams! Bungee fitness is truly as fun as at looks. I'm sure you have seen bungee fitness on social media by now and if you aren't just dying to try it out, you should be.

We are working as hard as possible to bring bungee to Virginia and help all of you beautiful people to achieve your dreams of being fit, but also to achieve fitness in the funnest way possible. I know for me, the gym was super intimidating to begin my fitness journey. Bungee fitness is wonderful because it's new so no one knows what they are doing!

A few things to note as we get closer to opening:

- PLEASE FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! @ascendbungee This will be the fastest way for you to receive updates about opening. As we get nearer to our opening date, we will have giveaways and contests. Be ready!

-There is a weight limit for bungee fitness! We are not sure what it is quite yet as insurance will determine that for us but it typically is around 250 lbs. If you are not there yet, please get there as bungee fitness will be incredible to help with weight loss!

-Soon we will be launching our official blog to help with motivation to start your fitness journey. Make sure to add us to your email contacts so you can be part of this! There will be challenges and rewards(including free bungee classes) for those who participate.

We seriously cannot wait to meet you! I hope that you find bungee fitness as life changing as we do.



Owner of Ascend Bungee Fitness


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