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Welcome to Ascend Bungee Fitness, home of the latest fitness craze that's taking the world by storm. Our classes combine aerobic and strength training, providing a full-body workout that is not only fun and engaging, but also highly effective. Our bungee fitness classes are a great low-impact alternative to traditional workouts, reducing stress on your joints while still delivering results. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality workout experience possible. Join us today and start experiencing the thrill of bungee fitness.

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Overcome your mountains.

Life is full of obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. Whether it is loneliness, weight management, not having time for yourself, burnout, or depression, you will find the strength to overcome your mountains at Ascend Bungee Fitness. 



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Level 1

All Flyers start here! This class will teach you bungee basics to prepare you for the more advanced classes. 


Our bootcamp classes are designed for the individual who has never worked out a day in their life, as well as someone who works out everyday. Read on to learn about each specific class!

Level 2

Flyers who have taken at least one level 1 class. The intensity and difficulty of the moves increases. Must be comfortable with knee fly, burpee and intro to needle.

Level 3

For flyers who have mastered levels one and two, we introduce "flows", a combination and step up of level 2 skills that "flow" together.

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