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This class is easily customizable to every level of fitness. This tabata style workout(40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest) allows you to work as hard as you wish. There is no choreography, just skills. The high repetition allows you to get really good at each of your skills and tone your muscles.The class ends with weight training in and out of your bungee. We teach you weight lifting basics for those who have never lifted before to teach you proper form to get the most out of your exercise.


This class is designed very similar to our level 1 bungee class. Come learn new songs to bungee to and use your level 1 skills along with weight training to create a beautifully toned body. 


A true HIIT class, we get those heart rates up. Must be able to self regulate(take breaks as needed). We alternate between 3 or 4 moves per song. Cardio and weight training alternates per song as well.

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